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Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine

The plastic sheet extrusion machine is mainly used to produce thermoforming products, such as disposable plastic cups, plates, bowl, dishes, boxes, etc. It is suitable for food, vegetable, fruit, beverage, milk, industrial parts and other packaging. The plastic sheet extrusion line mainly adopts the extrusion method to produce the sheet of EPS, PET, PP, etc. Our sheet refers to the thermoforming packaging products that utilize the process of "extruder-T type head-three-roll calender device-winding”.
The plastic sheet extrusion machine is suitable not only for one layer but also for multiple layer co-extrusion of the plastics, such as PP, PS, HIPS, PE, EVA, EVOH, starch degradation material and so on. The plastic sheet extrusion line is used to produce the stationery panel, beverage cup, jelly cup, decoration panel, bowl, box etc.
1. With large ratio screw and length diameter, the extrusion effect is good, the thickness of the sheet is balance and the flowing speed is the same.
2. Convenient operation for its electric quick net-exchanger or non stop quick net-exchanger.
3. The plastic sheet extrusion machine with high precision distributor the flowing speed and the pressure is in balance.
4. Rolling stick is adjusted by the worm gear, so that the precision is high.
5 The stick with two layers is lubricant, so that the surface temperature of the stick is balance.
6. According to the different characters and colors of the plastic to choose different plastic materials to produce different kinds of multiple layer co-extrusion sheet plastic (compound sheet plastic) which can make different kinds of products, such as PP, PS, PP, EVA, EVOH.