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Horizontal Multilayer Sheet Co-Extruder

1. The horizontal multilayer sheet extrusion line adopts co-extrusion structure to produce multi layer PP and PS sheets, which satisfied the need of different usage.
2. Multi layer feed box utilizes the flow rate and blade clearance adjustment technology to make the layering more uniform.
3. Roller has independent power, thus the line speed and extruder speed is controlled synchronous.
4. This kind of horizontal multilayer sheet extrusion line adopts PLC control system to automatically control the parameter setting, data computing and back, alarm and so on.
5. It uses the hydraulic device to replace the network fast, thus highly increases the production efficiency.
6. The structure of the distributor and the T type die head is reasonable; the flow channel is advanced, so that the layer shunt is stable without seepage and the sheet thickness can be adjusted.
We are a professional multilayer co-extrusion sheet line manufacturer in China. This kind of machine is mainly suitable for the materials of PP, PE, ABS, EVA, HIPS, etc. It is widely used to produce all kinds of high quality sheets. The horizontal structure of the three-roller makes the technics more reasonable and increase the sheet quality.


Model No WJPG90/50-1000 WJPG105/65-1000 WJPG120/65-1000 WJPG105/90/65-1000
Suitable materials PP/PS/PE PP/PS/PE PP/PS/PE PP/PS/PE
Screw size Φ90×34, Φ50×32 Φ105×34, Φ65×32 Φ120×33, Φ65×32 Φ105×34, Φ65×32, Φ90×34
Roller size Φ316×1000, Φ415×1000 Φ316×1000, Φ415×1000 Φ316×1000, Φ490×1000 Φ316×1000, Φ490×1000
Layer device ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3
Sheet thickness 0.3-1.8mm 0.3-1.8mm 0.3-1.8mm ≤700mm
Sheet width ≤700mm ≤700mm ≤700mm 450-550kg/h
Max throughput 180-250kg/h 300-400kg/h 400-650kg/h 375kw
Total capacity 200kw 275kw 420kw
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