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5-Layer/7-Layer Sheet Co-Extruder Machine

1. 5-layer/7-layer sheet co-extrusion machine adopts the co-extrusion technology of three extruders. It is suitable for producing 5 layers sheet with the material of PP, PS, EVOH, TIE, etc., such as the structure of PP/TIE/EVOH/TIE/PP, where the EVOH CAN separate the air and extend the shelf life of packaged product.
2. Our Sheet co-extrusion line is equipped with gear pump to ensure quantitative transmission, and with the American Dynisco pressure sensor to make the pressure and rotational speed of the extruder controlled by closed-loop.
3. This 5-layer/7-layer sheet co-extrusion machine is equipped with five-layer distributor, which adopts the flow rate proportion and blade clearance proportion adjustment technology to make the layering more uniform never fault after stretch molding.
4. The sheet co-extrusion line utilizes direct connect drive with independent power system to improve transmission efficiency.
5. The whole machine adopts PLC control system to automatically control the parameter setting, data computing and back, alarm and so on.
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