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Plastic Cup Curling Machine

Our company is a professional plastic cup curling machine manufacturer in China. Now the machine is widely used as the auxiliary equipment for cup making machine. It adopts the photoelectric control device that can automatically feed and count cup. It can curl the edge of cup rim to increase the strength with beautiful edge and practicality.

1. The machine is equipped with independently automatic temperature control system.
2. It can curl the edge from various angles to ensure the other end is glued together to form the bottom cover.
3. Our plastic cup curling machine is of high quality curling effect.
4. The operation speed of the machine can be adjusted and its electric heating is equipped with digital temperature control system.
5. Stable production with standard curling.
Adjusting method:speed adjusted by frequency conversion
Suitable cup material:round mouth PP, PS, PET plastic cup
Suitable cup size:50-150mm
Rolling speed:≤400pcs/min
Total power:13kw
Consumed air:0.5m3/min