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Plastic Sheet Pre-Heater

We are recognized as one of the foremost manufacturer of plastic sheet pre-heater in China. There are two hot rollers running in low speed in order to heat the sheets clingy in two sides constantly. The roller material is Al alloy, its heating effect is very high and low power consumption. It has the practical function. The roller connects with the main machine easily and is of simple operation.

Main parameter:
Max. Sheet Thickness: 2.0mm
Max. Sending Speed: Approx. 210mm/s
Max. Heating Power: 34.2kw
Max. Driving Power: 1.1kw
Aluminium Roller:Φ500×1000mm, two, surface is hard oxygen.
Temperature Range: normal temperature 140℃, advice to control in 80—120℃.
Weight: 1.5T mes N�.oa`�(r�bsp;Economic, high capacity, high quality, high durable and convenience operating Motor with overload protection to protect the plastic color mixer with drying function