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EVA/TPU Solar Battery Encapsulation Film Extruder

1. Optimization grouping of twin-screw structure enables the compounding of EVA/TPU raw materials and extrusion integration, reducing the cost & energy consumption and improving the quality of products
2. The application of X-ray thickness gauge with automatic die of this twin screw EVA/TPU sheet extruder for solar battery encapsulation can adjust and control the thickness immediately in the production, improves the accuracy and the level of automation.
3. Synchronization of line speed and servo control of pressure and speed meet the packaging requirement of solar cells and improve the working life of the cells
4. Line speed 6m/min, energy consumption≤0.25kw/(kg/h), thickness deviation ± 0.01mm
The twin screw EVA/TPU sheet extruder for solar battery encapsulation is mainly used to produce the film that use as the inner packaging material for crystalline silicon cells, hull cell, BIPV Photovoltaic components, etc.

Model No.: WSJP95-2300
Suitable materials: EVA/TPU
Screw size: Φ95
Screw form: Toy bricks type
Sheet thickness: 0.2-0.8mm
Sheet width: ≤2020mm
Max throughput: 700-800kg/h
Total capacity: 375kw