Product List

PET/PLA Twin Screw Sheet Extrusion

1. This kind of PET/PLA twin screw sheet extrusion machine is mainly used to produce PET/PLA sheet. It is no needs pre-drying crystallization system. It is suitable for the material of second production, which is of high output, low energy consumption and high quality plastics.
2. The screw structure of the twin screw extruder is modular organization and multiple-combination. It is not only suitable for PET material, but also suitable for PLA and starch biodegradable materials.
3. The barrel of the machine is equipped with double vacuum exhaust device to ensure that the water discharge completely.
4. Our PET/PLA twin screw sheet extrusion machine with capacity metering pump to ensure quantitative output and to automatically control the pressure setting and speed closed loop.
5. This kind of machine adopts PLC control system to automatically control the parameter setting, data computing and back, alarm and so on.