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Plastic Sheet Thermoforming Machine(Standard)

We are a professional plastic sheet thermoforming machine (standard type) supplier in China. This kind of machine is mainly used to make PP, PS, PET and PE package containers for food.

1. The plastic sheet thermoforming machine adopts the cam structure that makes the machine running stable and maintain convenient.
2. Four column structure to ensure stable forming with accurate precision.
3. Chain exit device to ensure rapid mold exchange.
4. The whole machine is fully digital control.
Model No.: S71C (I)
Suitable materials: PP/PS/PET/PVC/Biodegradable material
Main motor power: 11kw
Sheet thickness: 0.3-2.0mm
Formed depth: ≤120mm
Work efficiency: ≤29 cycle/min
Max formed area: 680×390mm
Consumed air: 3200-4000L/min
Heating power: 108kw