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Continuous Thermoforming Machine With Punching machine

Our company is a professional continuous thermoforming machine with punching machine supplier in China. This kind of automatic thermoforming machine with punching cutting stacking is controlled by servo, which can produce all kinds of packaging sheets with PP, PET, PS, HIPS, PVE and other plastic materials. The machine has three stations that include forming, cutting and stacking station.

1. This machine is composed of punching machine and thermoforming machine, so that it can automatically cutting, stacking and counting after the bowl cover, jelly cup, tray, low case formed.
2. High precision punching for its servo motor and PLC control system.
3. The punching machine of the continuous thermoforming machine is controlled by photoelectric control system with automatically follow, which achieve synchronization of forming and punching.
4. Punching machine with mould can automatically adjusting to reduce errors in each feeding.