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Multi-position Thermoforming Machine

Our company is a professional multi-position thermoforming machine manufacturer in China. The machine is suitable for the material of PP, PS, PET, etc. It is mainly used to produce different plastic food containers, such as tray, meal box, instant noodle bowl cover, coffee lid, packing box, dish, lids etc.

1. This kind of multi-position thermoforming machine is composed of forming position, punching position, cutting position, stacking position. It can automatically form, punch, cut, stack and count.
2. The machine adopts two sets of servo motor to control forming position, punching position and cutting position. With pressure and vacuum air, the machine use eccentric wheel and connecting rod to drive the mould for forming products.
3. Our multi-position thermoforming machine takes three columns structure to guarantee the mould sets running stable with accurate precision.
4. The products is stretched by servo motor that makes the stretch is of stable, fast, off-position accurate and control convenient.
5. The ceramic heater of the multi-position thermoforming machine is imported form German, which is of high efficiency heating and long service life time.
6. Easy operation for its PLC touch screen control system.


Model No. K7815-4B K7820-3B K7815-3B
Suitable materials PET/PP/PS PET/PP/PS PET/PP/PS
Main motor power 7.5kw×4 7.5kw×4 7.5kw×4
Sheet thickness 0.3-1.2mm 0.3-1.5mm 0.3-1.2mm
Formed depth ≤120 mm ≤170 mm ≤120 mm
Work efficiency ≤50 cycle/min ≤30 cycle/min ≤50 cycle/min
Max formed area 760×540mm 760×540mm 760×540mm
Consumed air 3000-3500L/min 3000-3500L/min 3000-3500L/min
Heating power 143.2kw 143.2kw 143.2kw
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