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Mostly the ZKD70-200 cup thermoforming machine with stacker is able to make different kinds of cup, bowl, container, plate and lid by changing the molds. The products could be in various plastic materials such as PP, PS, PET, PVC and Bio degradable material.

1. This kind of machine is mainly composed of thermoforming machine and automatic stacker machine, which achieve the automatic counting after the cup, bowl and box formed.
2. The ZKD70-200 cup thermoforming machine with stacker adopts servo motor to stretch and to send sheet so that the products is of high precision forming. Conjugate cam driving, easy to use and to maintain
3. Vacuum stacker is controlled by PLC, which ensures high precision stacking and counting.
4. The total power of the vacuum stacker is 6.37kw.
Model: ZKD70-200
Availability Vacuum: S7125D
Availability Height: 40~145mm
Mini Vacuum Caliber: Cup Φ50/ Box 80×80
Max Stacking Count: Cup 20pcs/ Box 15pcs
Work efficiency: 24cycle/min
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