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Sheet Co-Extruder Machine

Our company is a professional manufacturer of plastic sheet making machine in China. This kind of sheet co-extrusion line is mainly used to produce PP, PS, PET and PLA sheets. It is no needs pre-drying crystallization system. The machine is suitable for the material of second production, which is of high output, low energy consumption and high quality plastics. The screw structure of the machine is modular organization and multiple-combination. It is not only suitable for PP, PE and PS materials, but also suitable for PLA and starch biodegradable materials.

1. The plastic sheet making machine adopts advanced non-stop hydraulic device to replace the network.
2. It is of simple operation, excellent performance and high production efficiency.
3. This sheet co-extrusion line uses high precision dispenser and hanger type die head to ensure that the flow velocity and pressure of the flow cross section of mould uniformity.
4. The recycle flattening roller regulated by worm gear makes operation easy with good precision.
5. The surface temperature of the super mirror calender roller is uniformity, which makes the sheet clean and bright with consistent thickness.
6. Our sheet co-extrusion line can use different plastic materials to produce many kinds of colors composite sheets according to the different purpose.
7. It is suitable for producing PP, PE PET multi-layer co-extrusion sheet.