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Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming machine is suitable for producing the PP, PS, PE, PET and PVC cup, container, tray and lid. We are a professional plastic cup the thermoforming machine manufacturer in China. With the adoption of PLC&HMI controlling system and reasonable design on the machine, it is of easily operation, labor-saving, less maintenance and high efficiency. Thermoforming machine adopts the hydraulic system with pneumatic system, compared with the traditional mechanical cam system; the advantages of this plastic cup thermoforming machine are integral casting design combined with high-tension steel plate structure, which offers steady and low noise operation.
The thermoforming machine can be used for the forming of disposable fast-food containers, instant noodle bowls, etc.
1. Conjugated Cam driving system offers more stable and quiet running with higher precision and bigger cutting power. It is easy to operate and maintain.
2. Cam is made of high grade bearing steel and surface is processed by slow wire-walking, which guarantees high precision and long lifespan up to more than 30,000hrs.
3. Servo motor offers high precision sheet sending with each set length variation within 0.5mm.It helps much in saving material.
4. Germany heater, high heating efficiency, lower power, long life span.
5. Special tilting mould structure can stack when the thermoforming machine is running in high speed.
6. PLC with touch screen control system makes the operation of the plastic cup thermoforming machine easily.
7. The thermoforming and punching machine use servo motor and PLC control system to feed, so that it punches with high precision performance.